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Quality Management System ISO 9001

Today, quality management with ISO is in some way a common noun, it supersedes many standards, including international standards, moreover, the concept of ISO has become almost the same as the concept of quality management.
A huge number of companies specialize in certification for compliance with ISO 9001. Information on this topic will not be difficult to find both in printed literature and on the Internet. Sometimes it feels like there is no longer any new information on this topic. Nevertheless, quite often it is possible to observe a situation where the management personnel of a company on this issue does not even have basic knowledge.

What is ISO 9001?
The quality standard iso 9001 is a document that formulates requirements for a system that manages quality within a company. It was first developed in 1987, after which it is regularly updated. The ISO quality management standard was not an invention from scratch, but a summary of the experience gained in the field of quality management.

The international standard iso 9001 contains a lot of parts, while their large mass is not related to quality, but considers various aspects, for example, the durability of materials similar to it.

The current ISO standards are:

– 9000: 2005

– 9001: 2008

– 9004: 2009

Reasons for demand of ISO 9001.
ISO (ISO) – quality management, but not the only standard. There are other, narrower systems. An extended analogue of ISO 9001 is a standard developed specifically for companies working in the field of automotive components manufacturing. But it is ISO 9001 – a quality management system that has become so popular all over the world.
Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world have already received ISO 9001 (ISO 9001) quality management certificate, and many are striving for this.

The standard does not specialize in specific conditions, but sets out the requirements in a fairly general wording. The principles listed in the document can govern both the activities of a tiny company and a major corporation. For the standard, this is in some way a drawback, since in order for an ordinary person to understand a document, one who needs to be able to translate from a bureaucratic manner of presentation into an ordinary one is needed. However, this is an advantage, since quality management is equally suitable for everyone, regardless of the specifics of the activity.

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