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Features of obtaining work permits for citizens of the CIS

For citizens of foreign countries, regardless of the country from which they arrived, in order to legally carry out labor activities in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to obtain a permit or patent for work.

There are some nuances with which it is advisable for foreign citizens, in particular residents of the CIS, to familiarize themselves in advance.

Firstly, the package of documents that need to be prepared to obtain work permits for residents of countries with which the Russian Federation has a visa-free regime differs. Secondly, you should understand what a work permit and patent are. These are different documents that open different opportunities for employees. And thirdly, – a work permit issued by a specific government agency suggests the possibility of legal work only in a specific city or region. For example, to work in Moscow, a foreign citizen must obtain a permit specifically for work in Moscow. Only authorized state bodies located in the capital can issue a document.

In order to avoid various misunderstandings during the preparation of documents, it is recommended to use the services of specialized intermediary companies that, on completely legal grounds, assist foreigners in obtaining permits. As for the payment for services, when issuing a work permit Moscow the cost is calculated, as a rule, on an individual basis, depending on the required documents.

A foreign citizen must file:

application drawn up in accordance with the established model;
color photo (3x4cm);
a document that, on the one hand, confirms the identity of the applicant, and on the other hand, is recognized as an identification document by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
a copy of the document (notarized) confirming information about education;
migration card;
receipt, which confirms that the state duty has been paid.
Additionally provided:

certificate certifying that the applicant does not have HIV;
medical certificates that confirm the absence of dangerous diseases, as well as drug addiction. In order for the certificates to be accepted without problems, it is recommended to conduct examinations and all tests in local clinics in Russia.
An additional advantage in obtaining a work permit will be a letter of guarantee from a potential employer stating that a foreign worker will leave the country at the first request of the FMS.

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